Shire Business Meeting Minutes

Zoom Business Meeting 4/14/2021 – 7:30 pm


Attendees:  Gudrun, Malik, Leifr, Jen, Elisheva, Squeke, Chrysantha, Grant, Diane, Max, Squeke, Katya

Meeting Opened by Herald 7:35PM

Officer Reports – Officers, please include proposed events, activities, and classes through July 31.

A&S, Chatelaine, Web Minister, Chronicler, Constable, Exchequer, Heavy Marshal, Herald, Rapier Marshal, Youth Minister, Seneschal

A&S – Bardic War

Chatelaine – Getting old loaner garb and replacing it.

Webminister – Website is made, need approval for new domain.

Chronicler – Need photos and other items from populace.

Constable – Nothing to report.

Exchequer – Bank moving. Reports made. No Money exchanged.

Knights Marshall – Saturday noon to whenever Max keels over at Dreyher Park. 3 Knights and about 8 fighters at the last practice.

Herald – Nothing to report.

Rapier – Deputy – Practice is suspended. Disabled due to injury for Steve.

Youth Minister – Absent

Seneschal – See Below

Old Business

  • Fall 2021 Sea March event – Yes/No, If yes bids due May 12, and I will clear dates in Sept with the Kingdom and coordinate with Chrysantha as to Dreyer Park – Sea March event in the fall. Reservation is currently 9/12/21 (placeholder date)
  • Pennsic XLIX is still being planned for July 30, 2021 – August 15, 2021
  • Gulf Wars XXX will occur on October 2-10, 2021
  • New loaner garb report

New Business

  • June 1st Ban lifted on in-person events
  • Target June 9th for in-person/zoom hybrid Sea March Business Meeting

Good and Welfare

Meeting Closed by Herald

8:11 PM

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